John webber barrel anga

John Webber at Angourie Point.

SW vol30 nr03

Greg Webber appeared on the cover of Surfing World.

Monty webber tube

Monty Webber at G-Land.


Dan Webber at Back Beach, Angourie.

Will webber tube

Will Webber at Spookies. Photo by Hilton Dawes.

Ben webber bondi

Ben Webber competing at Bondi Beach.

The Webber Bros are an Australian family of surfers, sculptors and designers, who have been making surfboards since the 1970s. Today, Webber Surfboards are known throughout the surfing world, with a reputation built on innovative designs reflecting the family's avant-garde values and uncompromising creativity. Their portfolio includes surfboard designs, fin designs, trophies, films, short stories, cartoons, wave pools and coastal protection; all inspired by their love of surfing.

John Webber Edit

John is a landscape architect, who's led the re-vegetation of Angourie foreshore through the local Dunecare group, ridding it of bitou bush and planting native trees.

Greg Webber Edit

Greg is an eccentric designer, whose surfboards have been ridden by the likes of Barton Lynch, Shane Herring and Taj Burrow.

Monty Webber Edit

Monty is an avant-garde surf film maker, with a maniacal thirst for creative adventure, like a surfing cinematic Hunter S. Thompson.

Dan Webber Edit

Dan ...

Will Webber Edit

Will a good, unblievable shaper. His boards are unparrelled in the southern hemisphere. My latest board is a rocket of the highest velocity, Balistic,absolutly!

Ben Webber Edit

Ben won the Australian Junior Titles...

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