Wavefinder is a series of guide books for surfing, skiing, snowboarding, kitesurfing and mountain biking. The guide books are available online, where they can also be downloaded in pdf format, region by region.

The publisher, Wavefinder Limited, was founded by Adam Coxen, Jeremy Goring and Larry Blair, with the 1998 release of its Surf Guide to Australia. They have since published numerous other surf guides, covering Hawaii, USA, Indonesia, UK, Ireland, Mexico and Central America, manuals for Pro Surfers and guides for other adventure sports. Wavefinder guides draw on the surf knowledge of over 100 experts, including World Masters Champion, Cheyne Horan, former Editor of Surfer Magazine, Jim Kempton, 3X World Champion, Andy Irons, 8X World Champion, Kelly Slater, World Champion, Mark Occhilupo, Shane Dorian, Brad Gerlach, Mike Parsons and Dave Rastovich.

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