Ron Romanosky (1947?) is responsible as much as any person, besides George Greenough, for promoting, defining and excelling at kneeboarding in Southern California.

Ron is acknowledged as a pioneer for being the first person to conquer the Wedge on a fiberglass board, he led a whole legion of Wedge kneeboarders from the late 60s onward. At one time, the title of the 'King of the Wedge' glommed onto him for riding the massive hollow and challenging waves there.

As a kneeboard shaper he has shaped for many labels since the early 70's which include Con Surfboards, Summer Fun Kneeboards, Haydu and Romanosky Kneeboards.

He formulated a succesful 'Wedge-ready' quad kneeboard in the early 80's that has stayed a favorite and on the forefront of succesful kneeboarding for decades.

Today, he has somewhat retired from kneeboarding as he had done it in the past, but he still shapes kneeboards and now indulges his hobby of surf photography at the Wedge in Newport and surrounding locations.

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