Rick plescia cutback

Rick Plescia.

Rick Plescia is a Christian Surfer/Shaper from Newport Beach, California.

  • Born: March 19, 1964.
  • Started Surfing in 1977 (age 13).
  • Started Shaping in 1978 (age 14).
  • Won the 1982 Orange County High School Physical Fitness Championship (age 18).
  • Retired from Retail Production Shaping in 1990 (age 26).
  • Currently Shaping Ultralight Custom Shortboards under his System 3 USA Logo.
  • Working Full-Time as a Plant Operations Technician at Orange County Water District since 1989, and as a NASDAQ Real-Time Stock Day-Trader.
  • Survived a Near-Fatal Car Accident on Memorial Day, May 26 2008.
  • Scripture: John 3:16

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