The credibility of Surferpedia articles depends on a peer review system to ensure that articles meet a high standard in terms of relevance and stylistic consistency. Due to the global distribution of the surfing world, central control of the peer review process is not practicable. So, the peer review system is divided into geographically defined groups.

The peer review groups assess articles against certain criteria; they give feedback, organise improvements and then mark the article as peer reviewed on a particular date. They are also responsible for monitoring the 'finished' articles and approving substantive alterations over time. The peer review groups may be established through invitation or self appointment. The membership of any group is transparent and listed in the details of each group. Ideally, groups should have at least five members, led by an acknowledged leader in the field. The membership of these groups and the decisions they make are also open to challenge through the discussion pages within the wiki.

The success of this resource depends on the support of those with good reputations within the surfing world. If they come forward to provide leadership, Surferpedia will become a clearly structured information resource, populated with authoritative, professional, updatable articles covering all aspects of the surfing world.

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