Pauline Menczer (born 21 May 1970) is an Australian surfer. She won the 1988 Women's Amateur World Title and the 1993 Women's World Championship and has been a long-standing competitor on the world championship tour.

Menczer was born and grew up at Bondi Beach, Sydney. She surfed her first wave at Bronte Beach, just south of Bondi. She started on a board her older brother Trevor had snapped, so she started on half a surfboard

In 1991, Menczer was narrowly beaten in the world championship by Wendy Botha, but blitzed the field in 1993 becoming the World Champion. To date, she has been competing for 20 years and has won a total of 20 WCT events and 8 WQS events; only Layne Beachley has won more. She also was WQS champion in 2002

Throughout her career Menczer has battled rheumatoid arthritis. She describes it like being stiff and sore every day, as if having run a marathon. At times it had hurt even to move her fingers. A rigorous diet has given her some control over the condition.

Menczer failed to requalify for the 2005 world championship tour, but doesn't plan to retire. Her present sponsors are Stick Girl Surfboards (California) and Ocean Shores Surf Shop. She lives in Byron Bay when not on tour.

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Menczer has appeared in a number of surf videos featuring female surfers, including

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