A screenshot from the movie.

Liquid Time is a 2002 avant-garde surf film that focuses solely on the fluid forms of tubing waves [1]. Brothers Monty Webber and Greg Webber revived a childhood passion for perfectly formed tiny waves by filming the wake of their runabout as it pealed along the edge of a river sandbank. The 20-minute film received the Cinematography Award at the 2004 Saint Jean de Luz Surf Film Festival.

Quotes from the DVD cover Edit

  • "Mind-boggling! I must say I don't think I've seen a film that is so beautiful. If there were Academy Awards given out for photography, editing, concept and music in the surfing arena, Liquid Time would take the lot." Alby Falzon
  • "Fascinating! Those microwaves break new ground in surf film. The music, the complete camera techniques. A superb job." George Greenough
  • "Damn it, man. You've made something so beautiful." Jack McCoy
  • "It's hypnotically fascinating. The slow movements of the lip coming down are just mesmerizing." Paul Witzig

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References Edit

  1. Creating waves The Age, March 11 2003.

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