Lake surfing is a form of surfing that takes place primarily on the Great Lakes, where a large surface area and strong storms, particularly in the fall and winter, can produce large waves. During these surf seasons there is usually snow on the ground and some ice in the water, requiring some serious dedication.


Thomas E. Blake was the first to surf to Lake Superior. Besides surfing pioneer Duke Kahanamoku, Blake is the only other man to be inducted into both the International Surfing Hall of Fame and the International Swimming Hall of Fame.[1]

Dairyland Surf ClassicEdit

Sheboygan, Wisconsin hosts the annual Dairyland Surf Classic, the largest lake surfing competition in the world. [2]

Significant differences from ocean surfingEdit

  • Reduced board buoyancy in freshwater
  • Shorter fetch means storm systems are much closer to the waves they produce, resulting in rougher conditions
  • Shorter frequency between waves
  • Winds onshore produce waves as opposed to offshore winds smoothing out the face of the wave.

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