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Jaime Noia (1972-) is an underground surfer/artist who dedicates his time to full time ministry in the missions field of Baja, Mexico. Jaime's art appears in Robb Havassy's book entitled Surf Story, which profiles fifty artists who surf.

Exhibitions Edit

  • Havassy Art Show - Detroit Bar (Costa Mesa) Spring 2002
  • Huntington Beach Art Museum - Open Showing Spring 2002
  • Revolusurf Surf Museum (Ensenada) Aug. 2006 - Present
  • Ojos Del Mar in Ensenada Feb. 2007
  • Ophelia Restaurant/Lounge Ensenada Mar. 2008
  • Revolusurf - "Ojos Del Mar 1" (Ensenada) - Feb. 2006
  • JapanCo. - "Ojos Del Mar 2" (Ensenada) - Sept. 2007
  • Ophelia - Todos Santos "Sentidos" (Ensenada) - Mar. 2008
  • Pueblo Cafe - "Sabor Latino" (Ensenada) - Sept. 2008

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Painting by Jaime Noia


Painting by Jaime Noia

Colemans lagoon

Painting by Jaime Noia

Get to the point

Painting by Jaime Noia

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