Our mission is advancing surfboard design and technology by working with local surfboard shapers. We manufacture high performance surfboards with the patented and multiple awarded Hydroflex Technology in Oceanside, California.


1. Valve
2. Fiberglass
3. 3-dimensional glassing
4. SuperCharger EPS foam

Bufo explains the Hydroflex Tech


Surfer, Shaper and inventor of the patented Hydroflex Technology "Rouven Bufo Brauers" explains what's behind the Technology and give's you a taste what's going on in the Hydroflex facility.

How to remove dents:


Surfboard Repair: This video shows you how to repair a heavily dented surfboard. See how to remove dents. Watch how the dents dissapear by charging this hydroflex supercharger surfboard with air pressure.

Tom Curren surfing a Hydroflex


We're working with surfboard shapers:

Lost Surfboards, Roberts Surfboards, Bufo, Carl Ekstrom, Infinity Surfboards, Todd Proctor, Donald Takayama, Cole Surfboards, Surf Prescriptions, Tim Bessell, Hydrodynamica Surfboards, Rickland Surfboards, Uhuru Surfcraft and many surfboard shapers more.

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