In this, Bob Evans' 11th surfmovie, he takes Mark Warren, Ian Cairns and Col Smith on a trip to 'new' Australian surf spots along Australia's southern and western coasts, this bringing condemnation from soul-surfers fearing future overcrowding. Wayne Lynch was also featured in this film.The Bali sequences are believed to be the first surfmovie records of this now famous holiday location, first surfed by American hotel proprietor, Robert Koke, in the 1930s. Additional footage was shot by Frank Pithers, and the original soundtrack was recorded at Eric Porter Studios in Cammeray, North Sydney, with Bob Evans co-producer Hanz Pomerantz. Most of the original sound-track musical pieces were created live in the studio by the members of the band Marastique, except for two pieces which were scored by Lindsay Bjerre, ex Tamam Shud who assisted at the recording session.

The members of the band "Marastique" were, Michael Norris - bass guitar, Bruce Parkinson - vocals and percussion, Ian Robins - guitar, Gary Fredericks - guitar, Graham Butchart - congas and percussion, Graham Hiltzinger - flute and saxaphone, and Ray McKeown - drums.

Frank Pithers (photographer) captured images of the recording session which were published in Surfing World magazine.

These two pieces of Lindsay Bjerre were titled "Family Free" and "Father's Gone" and were vocalized by (brother of Doug Parkinson) Bruce Parkinson vocalist in "Marastique".

The film was premier shown at the University of Sydney auditorium.

The original reels of the film and sound-track for "Family Free" have mysteriously disappeared, since the unexpected death of Bob Evans, whilst he was on tour in the USA showing a copy of the film.

The single copy reels of the film and audio have also mysteriously disappeared.

Bob Evans was in the habit of taking one single copy of his films and hands-on showing them on tour, leaving the originals in safe keeping. [ edited by Michael Norris 16 January 2016]

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