Chappy Jennings is a surfer and philanthropist from the Gold Coast of Australia. He has given the World of Surfing many memorable moments, not particularly in contests, but, in many surfing films.....specifially in the Southern Pacific in places like Bali, Sumatra and Indonesia.

Chappy is friendly with Wayne "rabbit" Bartholomew, the current ASP President. They are boyhood friends that surfed "Snapper Rocks" together, and, may still do so.

Simon Anderson is also part of this friends circle, and, on many occasions, on tour, back in the early 1980's, have played "animal noise thumper"...into the early hours of the day.

Although Chappy has never won a world title...we hold him dearly in our hearts for being an innovator and inspiration for a younger generation of Australian Waterman.

Check out G-Land. Chappy did it better than all!

God Bless you, Chappy!!!

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