Surfboard glosser, laminator and hot-coater from 1972-1988. He began by doing ding repair for Jay Stone and his Hobie/Blue Cheer shop on Wilshire in Santa Monica. Stone had several factories between '74-'81 where Bob would become  proficient at most aspects of professional board building. Working early under Bob Petty then others such as Doug Marshall, John Orlando and Wayne Miyata,  Bob became a seasoned surfboard builder. Other highlights in his career were four years working for Terry Lucoff at his Natural Progression factory and partnering with Gary Swanson at Cascade Sailboards at Hailey Id and fianally Mosier Or.

 Over the years he had a hand in glassing boards designed by Mike Perry, Dean Edwards, Robbie Dick, Glen Kennedy, Jeff Ho, Tim Phares, Pat Rawson, Chris Cahill, Steve Dunn, Mike Olivares, Paul Lovas, JoJo Perrin, Gary swanson, Steve Brom and countless others.


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