Bill Hamilton is currently 62 years old and getting younger. His 70 year old dog {Yellow Labador} SAVA . will be doing a surfing commercial for Eucanuba dog food at the end of September 2010 surfing Hanalei Bay Kauai . Hamilton and his pet started surfing at the age of six months on Kauai and have surfed waves possibly bigger then any other dog born. SAVA wears a protective flotation vest custom made for her 78 pound frame. She rides on a 12 foot surfboard custom made by her owner who is also a grand master at building surfboards. Sava has been seen on a movie channel in Japan and England and is known on Kauai as "the surfing dog". A new book, written by William Gladstone, a well known author and literery agency will portray SAVA'S veiw of the world through "her" eyes as a surfer and companion of one of surfings "legends". Billy Hamilton.

Bill Hamilton surfboard ART WORK is currently featured in the August issue of Archetectural Digest and can be seen in the December issue of Playboy Magazine in its Christmas buying guide.

Look for all current business and future events on FACEBOOK or

 Thank You, Bill Hamilton

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