cronulla riots

the cronulla riots werent really riots thay were more just race wars between the lebinese community of cronulla and the %100 aussie crew from cronulla it all escelated from two lebenise people from god knows were bashing a life guard at one of the cronulla beaches.

it was december 11th 2005 at aproximetly 2:00 more that 5000 people from the whole sydney area, raced across eloura rd because there was a lebenise person walking out of northies a local cronulla restraunt and someone yelled at the top of there voice lebbbbbbbbbb so as they were all running across the road the cops grabed him and got him out of there as fast as they could. so for a couple of hours in the middle of the road chants started like f**k the lebs, we grew here you flew here and go home.

so as you can see that violence only be gets more voilence so you can see that a little bashing can led to big things.



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